Starting career as a fresher?

Starting career as a fresher?

Have focused mindset

Primary objective

When you start in the software industry or any industry for that matter, your primary focus should only be on learning. Learn as much as you can, gain knowledge and give your best at work.

Use all the resources available, talk to your mentors, peers or anyone and know a new thing every day. It is also important to share what you learned with others. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Money is not a priority

When you start earning, you start to think about financial goals, commitments and spending on fantasies. This sometimes leads to a mindset where you feel like what you are earning is not enough.

Clear your mind about money and focus on your journey. Give your best in the initial years of your career and things will eventually turn out for you.

No comparison with others

Never compare yourself to anyone in any aspect. Your only objective should be learning and giving your best. Gain as much knowledge as you can and share the same with others. This will help you grow and makes you a better engineer.

No job changing

After a year or two, you may start feeling like you have done enough at your current workplace and it is time to change jobs. Unless you have a strong reason to change, do not think about a job change for at least 4-5 years. Because it is going to be an almost fresh start again at the new workplace.

Gain the knowledge and experience and when the time comes(have a good reason), make a move.

Go all in at work

When you start as a fresher, your primary objective should be learning and giving your best at work. It is not just an 8-hour job, stretch for long hours, spend more time at work and try to finish it with quality. Do not have a mindset like you have to work only regular hours.

It all pays off in future

All the hard work you did initially in your career is going to pay off in the future. The more knowledge and experience, the better future you will have.

Share your thoughts and tips too. Take care!!

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